nothinlikeasmile asked: I saw the image you have to do you your eyebrows but would you mind explaining it to me step by step please (Im knda slow when it comes to pics -.-)

The part with the brush just laying on her face is showing you how even it should be. The end of the brow should be here, the lift should be even with this, etc. :)

juststopbreathingforme asked: whats an easy, bridal look? specifically for eyeshadow with dark brown eyes?

For Brown Eyes, I recommend something like this 

Purples also mix well with Brown Eyes but, with Weddings you want something long lasting, and natural looking. You don’t want to look back and think “My makeup is SO 2012!” Your big day makeup should look something like a better version of your everyday self! For foundations companies like MAC and Makeup Forever sell great long lasting foundations. You won’t have to worry about getting touch ups (of course, maybe after crying quite a bit on your big day!) Along with the foundation, you’ll need lipstick/gloss, eye makeup (mascara, liner, eye shadow and eye shadow primer), blush, and appropriate tools/brushes to apply the products with. I say go to the drugstore! I haven’t noticed a big difference in “high end” products vs. drugstore in those categories. For your lips use a light pink or peach colored lipstick, and add clear lipgloss on top for perfectly kissable lips! Maybelline and Revlon are my favourites for this section. After you get your lips covered, choose a blush color that will compliment it. Always remember that less is more! Light colors and peach will make your cheeks pop while bringing out your lips! For your eyes I say go traditional over trendy! Keep it light, bright, and beautiful rather than overpowering and dramatic. A brown smokey eye would look great, and is very popular with bridal makup. All you need is a few shades of brown (dark/medium, light, and taupe), a vanilla colored eye shadow with some shimmer would look great if used to accentuate the brow bone. Urban Decay products have amazing eye shadow sets for smokey eyes. Walmart sells a reasonably priced Hard Candy Eye Primer. The primer will keep your eye makeup in its place and will give you a much better application. I would NOT skip this product! My choice of mascara would definitely be Maybellines Great Lash Mascara! Your shade of eyeliner is entirely your personal preference, I however think Black is too bold and would go with a dark brown instead. Hope this helped, and good luck!

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